Equipment For Sale
We are a national supplier of new, used, and refurbished oxygen equipment.  Products available for sale are found below.  If you cannot find something you need, please email or call us and we will do our best to find you the right product at the right price.  We offer bulk / quantity pricing w/ large discounts on all oxygen equipment! Shipping is extra and varies by state.  All items include a 90 day, 6 month, 1,3,or 5 year warranty unless otherwise stated.  All items are priced for the unit only. 
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  • Invacare 10 Liter Concentrator & Homefill

    Fully refurbished Platinum 10 Liter Invacare Concentrator & Fully refurbished Invacare Homefill Compressor. Both units carry a 1 year warranty. Includes a table top, connector tubing, but does not include any bottles. These 3 items ship seperately so shipping charges reflect that - 1 @ 55 lbs, 1 @ 30 lbs, 1 @ 15 lbs. Wire rack shown is for representation purposes only - it will include a table top as seen on the 5 LPM concentrator and homefill item.

  • Invacare Concentrator & Homefill

    Includes 1-5 LPM Invacare Homefill Compatible Oxygen Concentrator & 1 Invacare Homefill Compressor & 1 Table top - All are fully refurbished with a 1 year warranty. Includes adaptor tube to connec the two but does not include any tanks. All items are shipped seperately and the shipping reflects that - 1 @ 55 lbs, 1 @ 30 lbs, 1 @ 15 lbs.

  • Invacare Homefill Compressor

    These can fill oxygen tanks when used in conjunction with a homefill compatible concentrator. Fill tanks for glass bead making, scuba dive tanks, medical, welding, and many more. Rebuilt, full factory rebuilt 5 stage pump, motor upgrade, 1 year warranty. Does not include tanks or accessories. Unit and power cord only.

  • Invacare Perfecto2

    Reconditioned Invacare 5P homefill compatible - in great conditioned. These are comparable to the Respironics Everflo - small, lightweight, newer unit.

  • Invacare Platinum

    Fully refurbished, ready for use, 5 Liter per minute, 1 year warranty.

  • Invacare Platinum 10LX

    10 Liter Per Minute, fully refurbished, like new, 1 year warranty.

  • Respironics Everflo

    Reconditioned Everflo unit goes from 1-5 LPM @ 95.6% These are in excellent condition and one of the smallest, lightest, quietest units available.

  • Respironics M10 10 Liter

    10 Liter Per Minute, fully refurbished, like new, 1 year warranty.

  • SeQual Integra 10 LPM

    Fully Refurbished SeQual 10 Liter Per Minute, 1 year warranty.

  • Z - Cooling Fan

    Cooling Fans available for any model! When ordering please email brand and model of the concentrator.

  • Z - DeVilbiss Rotary Valve

    Valve replacement for the 515A Model

  • Z - Invacare 2650 Compressor

    Rebuilt - Fits all Invacare units - molex connector fits Platinum units but can be changed to adapt others. 6 month warranty.

  • Z - Tubing/Hose Zip tie Curved head

    8 inch Zip ties with a curved head to clamp aroudn tubing to prevent air loss and leaks. Bag of 100 zip ties.

  • Z- 14' Extension tubing

    14' Extension tubing allows use of the oxygen concentrator up to 14' away.

  • Z- 2650 Rebuild Kit

    2650 / 2660 Rebuild Kit

  • Z- 50' Extension tubing

    Extension tubing allows use of the concentrator up to 50' away.

  • Z-Christmas tree

    Adapter used on all oxygen concentrators to attach extension tubing or nasal cannula directly to the oxygen concentrator without the humidifier bottle.

  • Z-DeVilbiss Filter Kit

    Filter Kit fits 515, 505, 303 series. Includes the Hepa filter + Foam top, Cabinet filter, and Bacteria filter.

  • Z-Flowmeter Replacement

    Product listed for all models - please state what model upon checkout.

  • Z-High Flow Cannula

    High Flow Cannula designed for use in 6 Liter per minute units and up to 15 LPM.